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Georgia Member Network


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LogistiCare will tell you what time to be ready. If the pick-up time changes, we will call you.


Transportation is for Healthy Connections Medicaid members who need to see a doctor, go to other medical visits or go to the drug store. The Member's medical condition should not be an emergency.


Medicaid ID number, Pick-up address and phone number, Appointment date and time, Doctor's name, Doctor's address and phone number.

LogistiCare will ask if you can walk or if you require the use of a wheelchair and will then provide the best type of transportation for your needs.

It is best to call for a ride at least 3 business days before your scheduled appointment. Urgent trips may be accepted with less than 3 days notice.

If the family member DOES NOT reside with you they can. You will need to provide their name, mailing address and social security number when you call your trip in. You will need and your medical facility will need to complete a Gas Reimbursement form. Forms and instructions can be found in the download section of this site.

Please enter on your web browser and you can register with Logisticare on our member service website to enter reservations.

Ask your medical provider to help schedule rides for you.

If your ride is 15 minutes past pick up time, please call our "Where's My Ride" line.

You, a relative, caregiver, nurse or doctor.

LogistiCare will schedule the type of transportation to meet your needs.